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It’s an absolutely awesome book. It’s a MUST READ for anyone who wants to meet the real immigrants.”
— John Ovink, Tampa, Florida

Green Card Stories is a fascinating compendium of the personal stories of recent immigrants to the U.S., illustrated with stunning photographs of the individuals who share their experiences of starting a new life in the USA. You can focus on all or several of the accounts to gain a broader insight into what makes immigrants tick: their dreams, their challenges, their successes, and their impact on our country. These stories are a valuable, compelling and enjoyable counterpoint to the negative rhetoric about immigration that has often poisoned our political discourse.”
— Daryl Buffenstein, Atlanta, Georgia (extract from Global Atlanta)

Immigration is a complex and polarizing topic in American society, notwithstanding that the vast majority of us are descended from immigrants. Like most Americans, I never knew my ancestors who dared to leave home to build their lives here; I never thought to be grateful to them for their courage and foresight until I read this book. Green Card Stories is a refreshing alternative to the faceless stereotypes used to fan the flames of partisan debate. These people are real, from all walks of life and from countries in every part of the world. They talk as much about life and love as about freedom and economics. I expected to read inspiring stories about how much better life is in America, and was not disappointed. But the more I read, the more I realized that they make America a better place for us as well. I never liked the “melting pot” metaphor we learned in school; a better choice would be a patchwork quilt – colorful, varied, and sometimes awkwardly stitched together, but strong and enveloping. Like our ancestors, immigrants today can strengthen and enrich our society. They remind us that freedom, tolerance, and unity are fundamental to our strength as a Nation. This book helps us remember our roots, appreciate what we have, and gives us all hope for a better future. It belongs in every classroom and in every home.”
— Marie Louise Hagen, Washington, D.C.

Green Card Stories is a gem of a book….One gets to like the immigrants portrayed in the book even if you do not know them in person. In fact, they all magically come alive when you read their stories and the photographs also reveal facets that no amount of words will ever tell.”
— Cyrus Mehta, attorney and author of the Insightful Immigration Blog, New York, New York

On behalf of all of us at Work, Community, Independence, thank you for the wonderful gift of Green Card Stories. It was an inspiring and uplifting way to begin my week to leaf through it and admire the beautiful photographs and interesting stories.”
— Judy Nichols, Human Resources Manager, WCI, Waltham, Massachusetts

I loved reading this book because it was one of the most humane treatments of the immigration book that currently exists. Hearing the stories and seeing the voices of these people should be required reading for anyone who wants to understand immigration in the U.S.”
— Laura Gottesdiener, reporter for AlterNet, New York, New York

Green Card Stories is one of the most moving books I’ve read. As someone whose families on both sides were recent immigrants, it’s so wonderful to see a book celebrating the rich culture that makes up our country.”
— Eliza Van Cort, Ithaca, New York

Green Card Stories is exactly what it says it is: inspirational stories of the sometimes hazardous, many times complicated, and always enlightening journey to permanent residence in the United States. One of the things you will learn from this beautiful collection of essays and photos is that immigration to the U.S. is not monochromatic; rather it is a beautiful mosaic. You will not regret giving this book as a gift to a new permanent resident or U.S. Citizen, you will also love having it in your home. Read Green Card Stories and enjoy the story of America.”
— Charles Kuck, Atlanta, Georgia

[The] collaborators are to be congratulated on a fine publication…. I found the stories really interesting, and it is hard for a non-immigrant to realize what some of these people have had to go through. I have a whole new appreciation for immigrants now. Thank you for doing it, and I look forward to the sequel.”
— Dave Flinn, Ithaca, New York

I had the opportunity to interview co-editor and the writer of the Green Cards Stories introduction, Laura Danielson for my weekly on-line radio show “Turn of the Page.” An amazing look at our immigrants of today, their gifts to all of us and the struggles in which they have had to endure. I feel this book Green Card Stories should be in everyone’s home to help educate each of us both young and old about our neighbors and what has made America the county it is!”
— Joan Bryden, Host of Turn of the Page, Port Clinton, Ohio

The Green Card Stories book is absolutely remarkable. Your work is helping to raise much needed awareness and giving people an opportunity to share their stories.”
— Ellen Kief, Boston, Massachusetts

Green Card Stories is a great book. One of the many people it profiles is Marielos Vega, a military officer who was able to find a legal route to U.S. citizenship through education and service in the military after she obtained her education. We need more people like Marielos.”
— Margaret Stock, Anchorage, Alaska

This insightful, well-written account of Green Card Stories touched me deeply. Because of the vast opportunities afforded to these people while living and working in the U.S., they were able to fulfill lifelong goals that weren’t before attainable for many of them in their home countries. We as a society are so fortunate that they want to come here and offer their skills, business ventures and lives and improve our country in doing so. A truly wonderful read!”
— Sybel Bush, Lansing, New York

[The book] is beautifully done. The stories are all very poignant, heartwarming and inspiring. Great job putting this together. Congratulations to everyone involved with this book.”
— Allalaghatta Pavan, Ph.D., Minneapolis, Minnesota

A wonderful book of fifty inspiring stories with beautiful photographs. Each vignette is a telling example of the courage and fortitude of those who immigrate to America. The United States and Canada are nations of hard working energetic immigrants and this book paints that portrait so well! A very worthwhile read.”
— Avi Gomberg, Quebec, Montreal

Finished my first skim; can’t wait to read every page in detail.”
— Dan Kowalski, Editor-in-Chief of Bender’s Immigration Bulletin and Online Editor of the LexisNexis Immigration Law Community (ILC), Austin, Texas

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