Green Card Stories in the Media 2013

Two of the four collaborators for Green Card Stories, Laura Danielson and Stephen Yale-Loehr, are prominent immigration lawyers who are often consulted on current immigration topics. The writer, Saundra Amrhein and the photographer, Ariana Lindquist are also recognized by the media.

Stephen Yale-Loehr participated in an hour-long panel discussion on July 9 on China Radio International about the Senate immigration bill. Gannett also quoted Stephen in an article about the prospects for immigration reform in the House. The story was included in the Arizona Republic. On July 4, the Mexican newspaper, El Norte, included an op-ed that Stephen wrote summarizing the Senate bill.

Stephen Yale-Loehr has been frequently featured in the press regarding the proposed immigration reform. In the NBC News article “Progressives Pressure Obama on Immigration Reform Triggers,” published on February 6, 2013, Stephen emphasized the need for objective measures regarding the negotiations for immigration reform. He was interviewed on a nationally syndicated radio show about immigration reform. On January 30, 2013 Stephen was quoted in Bloomberg News . He noted, “Immigration reform, like tax and Social Security reform, is very complex. Even if everyone wants reform, it may still take a long time to get a bill through Congress.” In the Chronicle of Higher Education on immigration reform, published on January 28, 2013 he noted that the nation’s immigration system “took 20 years to get broken; it can’t be fixed overnight.” He said he doubted immigration reform legislation would be enacted this year, “but I hope I’m wrong.” Stephen was quoted on in an article, “Growing Number of States Grant Lower Tuition Rates for Undocumented Students,” published on January 18, 2013. Mr. Yale-Loehr noted that action at the state level may not be enough to address what is a nationwide issue. “Many of these students came at an early age and had no say in coming to the United States. As a practical matter we’re never going to deport them. Congress has to address comprehensive immigration reform.”

On March 29, 2013, Laura Danielson participated on a panel on Minnesota Public Radio focused on the shifting political landscape and its effect on immigration policy.

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