Green Card Stories in the Media in 2011

Two of the four collaborators for Green Card Stories, Laura Danielson and Stephen Yale-Loehr, are prominent immigration lawyers who are often consulted on current immigration topics. Many of the individuals featured in the book are also honored for their contributions in the United States.

The BNA Daily Labor Report covered the “Immigration Reform in an Election Year: Impact on Businesses and Individuals” panel that included Stephen Yale-Loehr on December 2, 2011. The article covers a range of issues in the current immigration discussion, including the EB-5 investor visa program, the H-1B temporary visa cap and the unlikelihood of any legislative changes in the upcoming year. Mr. Yale-Loehr referred to Green Card Stories commenting that “Many of the success stories are from people who would never get a green card in today’s environment of zero tolerance.”

Laura Danielson was a panelist on Minnesota’s KFAI Radio TruthToTell program on November 21. A variety of current immigration issues in Minnesota were addressed in the hour-long segment. The immigrant groups covered ranged from dairy workers in rural areas to highly skilled engineers to Liberians under temporary protected status. Ms. Danielson commented on the large number of immigrants in the scientific fields that come to the United States for their education but cannot navigate the complicated immigration process to remain permanently. She also reminded listeners to remember their immigrant pasts, whether they are first or fourth generation immigrants. Many of those who support stricter immigration laws often have a personal connection that puts them in conflict.

Laura Danielson was quoted in a Finance and Commerce front-page article on the potential increase of foreign investors in Minnesota. While the surrounding states have set up centers to facilitate investment, Minnesota has been behind in attracting foreign investors. Ms. Danielson commented on the large number of Chinese and South Koreans looking to invest in the United States and receive their Green Card in order to send their children to college in the United States. Minnesota is a great destination with an already large Chinese population and economically depressed areas that could benefit from the investment.

Laura Danielson was quoted in the Twin Cities Pioneer Press on a Somali singer’s cancelled concert due to immigration delays. Aar Maanta had to cancel his headlining concert at Minneapolis’s Cedar Cultural Center due to a delay in his visa processing. Ms. Danielson stated that she understands it to have been a background name check. She stated, “He is the only one in the group with a Muslim name, which is more likely to trigger a hit in the government database.” Visa delays have been an increasing problem for individuals with Muslim names.

Stephen Yale-Loehr was quoted in the September 29, 2011, edition of the Wall Street Journal. In an article about a federal judge’s upholding of key parts of a new Alabama law aimed at stopping illegal immigration, Mr. Yale-Loehr noted, “Judge Blackburn seems to believe it’s not a crime for an undocumented immigrant to solicit work but it is a crime for an undocumented person to do business with the state. The Supreme Court needs to decide this issue once and for all.”

Stephen Yale-Loehr was quoted in the International Business Times on September 30, 2011: “Because of the proliferation of state immigration laws, we need resolution from either the Supreme Court or Congress… Right now, for example, it is very hard for national employers to know what they can or cannot do in various states.”

Stephen Yale-Loehr was featured on a one-hour radio talk show on WAMU on September 28, 2011, about the EB-5 immigrant investor program.

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